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Drywall Installation in Toronto

You are in the right place if you are searching to understand Install drywall and taping in Toronto instead of wooden walls.

Insulation and Drywall in Toronto

You are in the right place if you are searching to understand drywall Installation in Toronto  instead of wooden walls. Because you are rid of expenses, dark rooms, and flammable options in your old house? “Ray General Contractor” is here to give you all the information regarding Drywall and its installation.

So, firstly, let us tell you about drywall.
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What is a Drywall?

A drywall is a board wall in which large sheets are used to construct house walls.

What is the composition of drywall?

  • Gypsum (calcium sulfate dehydrate)
  • Gypsum plaster
  • Hardeners
  • Additives (paper pulp or starch).
  • Paper sheets
  • Water

What are the advantages of drywall installation?

Drywall installation has multiple benefits. Firstly, it is economical, secondly, it is quick and simple. Furthermore, this is also a fantastic option in terms of aesthetics. Subsequently, Drywall acts as an insulator (fireproof), which benefits both health and safety. This option is advantageous for reducing sound and temperature transfer.

Are there several kinds of drywall?

Because your preferences are our first priority. We are eager to inform you of all of your possibilities. And our crew is expert in all areas.

White/ Regular drywall

The most prevalent kind is used in houses and businesses sites. Especially, the expert team inserts the Drywall material in between two paper sheets. Our company uses two different color papers, white and grey. Apart from this, usage and installation of Standard wallboard is also done all over the home. Moreover, this comes in a number of sizes. A 48-foot sheet is the most popular size.

Green Board

A green board is another frequent form. In addition, this type is a very mold-resistant variety. Our team uses this in places of humidity, such as the cooking place, washroom, garage, and underground. Besides, for the green board, we recommend applying drywall mud to optimize mold resistance. This is typically 20 percent extra expensive than the white form, however, it’s highly important to use in humidified spaces.

Blue drywall

This is another very humidified resistant plasterboard for veneer plastering. Along with it, this is a good option for mold and wetness and is commonly used added in underground rooms and washrooms. This type has a characteristic of water absorption so it minimizes sound. This property is an ideal property of this type.

Purple drywall

Importantly, this form is resistant to Mould, fungus, and humidity, unlike some normal materials. It is resilient to wear and tear, so they’re a great option for busy locations. Our team applies these walls to any roof or side according to the requirement of protection against mold and humidity. Because they are five by six inches thick, such board walls are extremely simple to use and restore.

Type X

This has numerous thick coatings to get a higher fire suppression ability. Compared to regular drywall, this is harder.


2 papers were used and add gypsum between them. In particular, this sort of arrangement gives the property of being soundproof. In addition, there is no need for any specific tools or devices to build a soundproof wall.


Cement drywall

How to install drywall?

Our best team is always striving to provide the best services for our dear customers. Let’s see in a few steps how we install the drywall.

  1. Measuring and cutting dry board
  2. Use a circular cutting machine
  3. Covering it
  4. Cut the drywall from the places of doors and windows


This information should suffice for your comprehension. Ray General Contractor is always willing to in your drywall installation. Please contact us via phone or email. Furthermore, don’t forget to follow our page for future helpful updates. Keep an eye out!

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