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If you are thinking about renovating your house then taping is something you should know about. Apart from that drywall installation” is imperative for taping.

If you are thinking about renovating your house then taping is something you should know about. Apart from that “drywall installation” is imperative for taping. Furthermore, Visit our page now and get an idea about drywall installation.

What is taping?

Before giving an answer to this question, this is important to ask yourself, what you will do after the drywall procedure. In the drywall stage, you will see nails, screws, joints of drywall, and other stuff that will appear on the wall and do not look good. So, to hide the extra stuff on the wall, taping is a must. Taping is to make a flat and smooth wall. And this is the dream of every person to have perfect walls in his apartment.


What are the requirements of this procedure?

  • A 4-inch and 6-inch knives
  • Trowel
  • Corner trowel
  • Mask
  • Sander
  • Brush roller

What is the method of taping?

First of all, make a compound.

  • The next step is to apply a taping compound on the drywall and use a trowel and knife. Put a compound with the help of a 4-inch jointing knife and shift the compound to the trowel and apply a very little amount with the knife on drywall. And make a smooth and flat layer by using the trowel.
  • Furthermore, we use paper tape on the joints. It comes in a 150-meter roll. From that, we have to measure the wall and cut it according to the length. To use it in the corner joints just fold it from the center and apply it.
  • After the taping of paper, move the knife over it to fix all the material and to make a smooth and flat surface. By doing this, the tap will not fall out of its place. Cover up the paper by applying the compound over it and work on furnishing it well.


  • To remove the extra compound from the corners, use a corner trowel.
  • Despite this, you don’t need to fold paper tape on the wall side other than a corner. Similarly, use the same tools and apply a compound and fix it. Push the compound out of the attached tape against the wall carefully for better results.
  • To remove the extra compound always put a finger on the back side of the knife and move it from the top to the bottom. And collect the compound on the trowel and reuse it in the whole process. Just make sure to clean up and get a perfect surface for your house walls.
  • Now, this is the time to apply the filling coat over the tap and compound after getting it dry. Besides, we actually use a 6-inch knife and trowel to apply cement in this process. In addition, the 6-inch knife makes overlap over the previous work and gives a perfect view. In the same way as the first step, it is important to edges off with the help of a knife and trowel. Similarly, for internal corners, it is advisable to use two coatings. And for straight joints, use three coatings. For the final coating at the straight joint, a sander would be good to remove the edges by wearing a mask.

Finally, Apply a brush roller all over the wall.

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